Hug Collection™ Premium

Say whaaat?

The Hug Premium collection has landed! Harness, collar, leash and poop bag holder to make your pooch strut like a star.

Let the fun begin! What's your pup's style — team harness or team collar?

What makes the harnesses and collars from the Hug Premium collection so special?

We're dishing out all the details!

The harness designed with your dog's health in mind

Its Y-shaped design is optimal for dogs as it does not put pressure on the neck and allows for greater freedom of movement.

It's the best harness for preventing injuries, particularly advantageous for dogs with respiratory issues, as it avoids pressure on the trachea.

Comfort & safety first

The padding in both the collar and the harness evenly distributes pressure, without any uncomfortable stress points that could lead to skin irritations or injuries.

It's as if your dog is wrapped in cotton candy ;)

The most fashionable walking collection

The Hug Premium ticks all the boxes for what we seek in a dog walking collection: It fits their body, allows them to move freely, and looks fantastic.

And let me tell you, the Hug Premium has it ALL.

Harness, collar, leash, and poop bag holder

Four essential products for any dog-lover

Meet the Qisu Gang

Meet the models from the Hug Collection. It'll help you figure out the perfect size for your furry pal.

Qisu Gang

Swipe to meet them all →

Coco & Katia

Coco is a Chihuahua with a belly measurement of 40cm. She wears a size XXS harness.

Riu & Catalina

Riu is an Australian Shepherd with a belly measurement of 70cm. He wears a size XL.

Félix & Paula

Félix is a Dachshund with a belly measurement of 50cm. He wears a size XS harness.

Kenda & Muai

Kenda is a Vizsla and wears a size M harness.

Lola & Kevin

Lola is a Pomsky, a mix of Pomeranian and Husky. Her belly measures 56cm, and she wears a size S harness.

Mia y Oriol

Mia is a Spanish Water Dog with a belly measurement of 65cm. She wears a size M harness.

Wally & Anthe

Wally is a small Dachshund with a belly measurement of 44cm. He wears a size XXS.

Accessories that perfectly match the Premium Collection

Did you know the Walkies Bag™ and its accessories match the Hug Premium Collection?

Is there anything more fab than twinning with your fur baby?

Treats Pouch

Ideal for carrying your dog's favorite treats to the park, on walks out and about, or for use during positive reinforcement.

shop treats pouch

Pee Cleaning Bottle

Cute, ergonomic and it has the perfect size! Keep your city clean and free of odors.

shop cleaning bottle

Pocket Bowl

Portable water bowl for dogs. Lightweight, foldable and stylish.

shop pocket bowl

Walkies Bag™

A bag convertible into a backpack. Perfect for carrying everything you need on daily walks with your dog.

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