Oasis Collection

The bed you will want for yourself

Six types of bed according to your dog's rest needs. The Oasis collection ranges from a memory foam mattress to a wooden cabin to turn your house into their little home.

Comfort, durability and design

An special place for your dog to rest and relax. Discover some of its benefits:


Memory Foam

The mattress is made with memory foam that is ideal for dogs, as it helps to reduce pain and muscle tension. While the dog rests, its back and spine remain aligned.



If your dog is one of those who digs wherever he goes, the Oasis fabric is ideal.

The Italian fabric has a waterproof membrane made with 100% recycled polyester that comes from bottles from the sea.

Machine washable

Easy to clean, waterproof inner layer that prevents damage to the mattress if it gets wet.


We embroider your dog's name on the fabric to make it unique.

Non-skid bottom

A non-skid bottom helps keep the mat in place.

The bed that grows with him

The cushion allows it to adapt to its size, being able to use the bed since he is a puppy.


Elevated bed frame

The Oasis Premium provides thermal stability thanks to its height and transpirable wooden structure. Your dog will be more protected from cold and heat.

Dogs need to be elevated to prevent them from developing arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems.

An elevated bed eliminates the struggle some dogs have in getting up from the floor, as they just have to step in the bed or step out.

Wooden structure

Add a wooden structure to your sofa or mattress.

Customize now


A designer piece of furniture

Not just a dog bed, it is a piece of furniture for your home.

With a simple and intuitive assembly.

Poplar wood from Spain

Light. Long-lasting. Resistant.

Oasis wood comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. In addition, it is manufactured in local workshops, by the hand of our artisans.

Ringo on a sofa with a cabin

Ringo is a Poodle Toy and his sofa size is S.

Lilo on a mattress with a cabin

Lilo is a Miniature Pinscher and her mattress size is S.

Floreta on a sofa with frame

Floreta is a Cocker pup, she is on a M sofa to be able to use it when she grows up.

Rocco on a sofa with a cabin

Rocco is a male Dalmatian and his sofa size is L.

Gustavo on a mattress with frame

Gustavo is a Teckel (not a mini teckel!), and his mattress is an M.

Recycled and sustainable fabrics

From plastic bottles 100% recovered from the sea.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona

At Qisu we design and manufacture all our products with the utmost respect for the environment.

Local suppliers

Making a supply chain local helps the environment. It reduces storage, shipping costs, and time, and you further reduce gas emission and the use of energy.


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