Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat
Zoom Tropical Shell Raincoat

Tropical Shell Raincoat

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Size guide


Measure your dog's belly circumference and length, then compare it with the following chart.


Without pants   XXS XS S M L XL

11.8-14.5 inches

30-37 cm

14.5-17.3 inches

37-44 cm

17.3-20.4 inches

44-52 cm

20.4-24 inches

52-61 cm

24-31.4 inches

61-80 cm

31.4-43.3 inches

80-110 cm


With pants XXS XS S M L XL

8.6-11.8 inches

22-30 cm

11.8-12.9 inches

30-33 cm

12.9-15.7 inches

33-40 cm

15.7-20.8 inches

40-53 cm

20.8-25.9 inches

53-66 cm

25.9-31.4 inches

66-80 cm


How to choose the size?  ↓

  1. Measure his/her belly

    Place a measuring tape around the widest part of their ribcage, encircling their entire body, and record the measurements in centimeters.

  2. Measure his/her length
    Measure your dog's length with the measure tape, it's should go from it's neck to where it's tail begins. It's important they are fully stretched out.

  3. Measure up!
    Compare the number you got when measuring their belly with the upper table. That's your size!

If you have any doubts about which size to choose, always opt for the larger one. The raincoat design is intended to fit loosely.

Tropical Shell Raincoat


Tropical Shell Raincoat

The perfect raincoat for pups who love to splash through puddles


Everything you need to know about the raincoat

It conforms to your furry friend's anatomy, featuring adjusters for the head, neck, belly, and back.

Crafted from lightweight and durable materials, the raincoat provides protection and comfort. The product is unisex, offering a versatile option for all dogs.


Sustainable manufacturing

Our production is sustainable, allowing us to reduce our ecological footprint.

We provide high-quality products that do not compromise animal welfare or the environment.

FAQS about this product

If they need to pee, will their raincoat get wet?

No, the belly is exposed so it won't get wet. If they wear pants, it won't get wet either.

Is the hood functional?

If the head is uncovered, water can seep into the raincoat. With the elastic adjustments, the hood will fit perfectly to their head and prevent water from entering.

Can I buy one size for the torso and a different one for the pants?

The torso and pants are connected with click buttons; if you try to attach the two parts and they are not the same size, they won't fit together.

If your dog doesn't have a tail (or has a very short one), will the raincoat stay in place?

The raincoat has multiple adjusters and will fit perfectly on the body. It doesn't matter if your dog has a tail or not.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping methods

We require 1 business day to design and personalize your order, in addition to the shipping time.

Standard shipping to Europe:
4-5 business days: 6,90€
(Free shipping on orders over 80€)

Standard shipping to Portugal:
3-4 business days: 3,99€
(Free shipping on orders over 80€)

Standard shipping to USA:
6 business days: $15
(Free shipping on orders over $150)

We do not ship to certain locations

We do not currently ship to any islands or Alaska (we are working to resolve this as soon as possible).


If there is an error with your order or if it is defective, we offer exchanges or refunds.

We also accept exchanges if the size is not suitable for your dog.

About Qisu

We are Qisu

It is said that there is a red thread in this life that leads you to your soulmate. We are convinced that at the end of our thread there is a dog.


We are the kind of people who mention their dog at least twice every half an hour and who have their phone gallery filled with pictures of their pups napping. But we do still think that we could spend more time together and here is when Qisu comes in.

♡ Love in what we do

We create products for dogs and their humans so that both could feel closer to each other. We strive to do our best and put loads of love into our products to make all dog lovers and doggies enjoy their time together as never before.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karla Francis
Amazing Raincoat

The colors are amzing. Mhy pup looks so cute when wearing it and it stays dry

Nathaly Mertens
I'm in love!

My doggie looks like a music artist when wearing this raincoat hahaha

Marie Jansenss
I love it

It's perfect for us. It keeps Roy warm and trendy

Maria Arens
Kira looks amazing with her raincoat

Kira looks amazing in her new raincoat and looks suuper cozy

Jean Willems

I love the fit with my doggie

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